Intense Colour and Shine Bare Lip Sensation

#460 Rose Splatch

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Size 0.25 oz 7.5 ml

Guerlain Gloss D'Enfer Intense Colour and Shine Bare Lip Sensation has the following features: Gloss d’Enfer colours and shapes the smile for deceptively innocent, daringly glossy and deliciously provocative lips. Its fine, non-sticky texture glides over the lips like a veil. Composed of mineral and botanical oils, it maintains hydration and keeps the lips soft. Intensely luminous, it guarantees a shimmering, shaping and plumping finish on the lips. The design of the applicator allows you to instinctively outline and define the shape of the lips. It features a mini-reservoir to deliver just the right amount of gloss from the very first application. Offering varying degrees of coverage and pigment intensity, sparkling or shimmer-free, 20 ultra-glossy shades colour and shape the smile.
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