Jill Stuart

Shampoo N

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Size 10.1 oz 300 ml

Jill Stuart RELAX Shampoo N has the following features: A non-silicone, mild acid shampoo that leaves hair smooth and lustrous. Revitalized with a new fragrance and feeling of moisture. The soft lather envelops and removes dirts and excess lipids on your scalp, helping to keep your scalp healthy. Also recommended as scalp care. Infused with beauty essences such as Argan oil, which supply moisture to the hair as well as tightening the cuticles with its mild acids. This serves to return colored hair that has been shifted toward being alkaline back toward the original mild acidity of hair. Also prevents friction damage to your hair during rinsing out, providing a sleek and lustrous finish. Color-care formula that makes hair color last longer; repairs damage caused by coloring and also prevents the fading of color. Fragrance of aromatic white floral bouquet. A pure, clean and modern design. A simple white bottle that blends perfectly into your bathroom, with a crystal motif cap reminiscent of a diamond.
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