Micellar Lotion

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Guerlain Eau De Beaute Refreshing Micellar Solution Micellar Lotion Pure Radiance Cleanser has the following features: The first essential skincare step, Eau de Beauté from Guerlain, concentrates all the effectiveness of a make-up remover, cleanser and toner for quick and effective cleansing in just one step. This unique, almost gel-like liquid is applied with a cotton pad to refresh the skin like beneficial dew. Its micelles – surfactant molecules – gently cleanse and trap the slightest impurity and every last trace of makeup on the face and eyes, while toning the skin. Gentle, pure and incredibly fresh, skin is hydrated and plumped up in a single step. Enfolds the skin in a delicate scent blending the purity of white tea, the comforting freshness of musky notes and a touch of jasmine. After 6 hours, skin is hydrated: +22%* It is plumped up: +40%** For more than 9 out of 10*** women, cleansing is quick and effective, the skin is soft, fresh and toned. *Instrumental test, 10 women. **Self-assessment, 28 women, twice-daily application for four weeks. ***Satisfaction test, 28 women, twice-daily application for four weeks.
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