Accelerated Repairing Anti-Aging Silky Cream

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Size 1.69 oz 50 ml

Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerated Repairing Anti-Aging Silky Cream has the following features: Concentrating Algae of Youth™ in an ultra-lightweight water in gel texture. It has a melting point similar to the skin’s surface temperature. Upon contact, cream and skin instantly become one. The result is a new sensorial experience, accelerated nutrient absorption and repair efficacy. Skin is hydrated, texture appears retautened, skin tone is rosy and radiant, and contours feel re-designed. Efficient results after 4 weeks: skin feels suppler for 93%, dullness complexion is reduced for 85%, and skin looks smoother for 82%*. *Self-assessments, 60 women
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