Natura Bisse

Extreme Eye Energizing Lifting Eye Cream

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Size 0.8 oz 25 ml

Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Eye Energizing Lifting Eye Cream has the following features: This ingenious formula is able to fight any sign of skin aging. Triggers your skin's own defense mechanisms in order to repair your skin and protect it from harmful aggressors. Extremely rich, it gives you energy, regenerates, fights wrinkles, provides elasticity, firmness and maintains an optimal state of hydration. Artemia Salina extract creates the energy necessary to stimulate cellular metabolism. Centella asiatica, calendula, horse chestnut, horsetail and licorice boost decongestive, draining effect that minimizes under-eye circles and puffiness. Ursolic acid, along with pea extract, firm and fight sagging skin. Exceptional pigments that provide luminosity and add beauty to your eyes.
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