Overnight Hydrating Masque (For All Skin Types)

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Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque (For All Skin Types) has the following features: Instantly boosts skin’s ability to absorb and hold moisture for long-lasting hydration. Glacial proteins and desert plant leave skin smoother and softer, refreshed and supple by morning. Amplifies the hydration provided by a daily moisturizer. Features Squalane that is used as a solubilizing ingredient to break up makeup and impurities on skin while softening and hydrating skin. Infused with Plant-based Glycerin, it enhances the water-holding capacity of the skin, ultimately providing skin elasticity and plumpness and facilitating epidermal barrier function. With Ophiopogon Japonicus Extract, it resists drought and helps boost the natural ability to retain water while increasing skin's production of humectants.