Platinum Electronic Roller

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ReFa For Body Platinum Electronic Roller has the following features: Absorbs the light from the two solar panels installed on the front and rear to produce a fine micro current. Replicates different professional techniques such as the spiral kneading of ""picking up and making flow"" and ""picking up and squeeze"". Moves freely along complex body lines and provides skin firming. Equipped with double-pressure spots in front and behind along the direction the roller is moving in, you can powerfully attack areas where there is sagging concerns by making complex movements that continuously apply different pressures. The handle direction can be freely changed in steps of 45° for more comfortable use. With the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) water-proof specifications, it is suitable to be used in bathtub. Size (mm) : Approximately 91.8×124.9×81.4 Weight: Approximately 350g Materials: ABS plastic, acrylic, silicone rubber, stainless steel, elastomer, nylon, platinum(Pt) Accessories: Guidebook, cleaning cloth