Whitening UV Cut Emulsion Moist SPF50+ / PA++++

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Size 30 g

SOFINA Beaute Whitening UV Cut Emulsion Moist SPF50+ / PA++++ has the following features: Blocks the formation of melanin and prevents emerging dark spots and freckles with Chamomile ET. Formulated with Ceramide, it can protect skin from UV light and dryness due to air-conditioning, delivering a moisturizing effect for a whole day. With SOFINA’s exclusive technology, this emulsion contains Tuberose Extract with healing and repairing functions that can hydrate skin and normalize the period of skin shedding. Features Ceramide Ploysaccharide and Glycerol that provide moisture for skin. Effectively block UVA and UVB for sustainable time and it can also be used as a primer.
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