Renewing Eye Cream EX

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Size 20ml,

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Eye Cream EX has the following features: An anti-aging eye cream with red ginseng formula that helps to minimize the looks of wrinkles and care for sagging skin for younger look of your eyes with intensive double anti-aging care. Infused with Compound K and Ginsenoside Re, it delivers vitalizing and protective properties of ginseng to the skin around the eyes, giving the skin a firmer look while creating a protective layer for double anti-aging care. Offers a complete anti-aging care for improvements in look of wrinkles, resilience, and dryness around the eyes. Spreads gently across the skin around your eyes with viscous texture. Once absorbed, the smooth finish leaves a delicate veil that keeps the sensitive skin soft and moisturized.
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