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Conditioner N

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Size 10.1 oz 300 ml

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Jill Stuart RELAX Conditioner N has the following features: Conditioner that provides a sweet, joyful white floral fragrance that always lasts right through to the following morning. Revitalized with a new fragrance and feeling of moisture. Formulated with beauty essences that provide rich moisture to your hair while also supplying nutrients and repairing dry or damaged hair, making it smooth and manageable. Brings you lustrous hair through which your fingers slide so easily. Infused with beauty essences such as Argan oil, which supply moisture to the hair as well as tightening the cuticles with its mild acids. Also prevents friction damage to your hair during rinsing out, providing a sleek and lustrous finish. The smooth base envelops the surface of your hair in a uniform layer, providing a lustrous, sparkling jewel finish. Color-care formula that makes hair color last longer; repairs damage caused by coloring and also prevents the fading of color. Fragrance of aromatic white floral bouquet. A pure, clean and modern design. A simple white bottle that blends perfectly into your bathroom, with a crystal motif cap reminiscent of a diamond.
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