Orchidee Imperiale Black The Treatment

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Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Black La Cure The Treatment has the following features: Based on four complementary formulas, one for each week, it gives an exceptional efficiency boost to visibly renew the aspect of the skin within a month. Powered with Blackimmune technologyâ„¢ and a combination of ultra-powerful ingredients, this provides the skin with ultimate self-protection and comprehensive age-defying performance for an extraordinary youthful appearance. WEEK I: Resurface The skin looks like it has been renewed, while dead cells are eliminated and the texture of the skin is more refined. Wrinkles and fine lines seem to fade away, leaving skin incredibly smooth. WEEK II: Illuminate The skin regains its original radiance whilst the complexion is more even. WEEK III: Redefine Facial contours appear more distinct and the jaw-line is redefined and the skin is visibly denser and firmer. WEEK IV: Plump Perfectly nourished, the skin is suppler and plumper, and contours are redefined. The skin is velvety to the touch and flawless.
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