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FINE Metabo™ Coffee is made from quality Brazilian coffee beans and it includes 3 weight-losing ingredients: Chlorogenic Acid - It is clinically proved to have a significant effect on the absorption and utilization of glucose from the diet. If used for an extended time, may result in reduced body mass and shown to have an effect on weight loss. L-Carnitine tartrate - an amino acid that assists the body to burn fat all day long. Accelerates metabolism Fructo-oligosaccharide - Reduces the level glucosein blood. Improves the level of triglyceride. Contains botanical fiber to enable better intestinal movement to prevent constipation. FINE Metabo™ Coffee is one of the best-seller in Japan, if you like coffee and want to lose weight, you should try FINE Metabo™ Coffee. Each box contains 60 packets (each packet = 1.1g / 3.8 kcal).

Take one to two packets per day, it has no problem that you want to enjoy it before or after your daily meal. Simply dissolve it into 100-130ml (6 oz) of cold or hot water. You may also add Skim Milk or Sugarsubsitute according to your preference.