Hydra N°1 Serum Long-Lasting Hydration Booster

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YON-KA Age Defense Hydra N°1 Serum Long-Lasting Hydration Booster has the following features: With its true long-lasting, intense hydration activating complex, this creamy and refreshing gel is the perfect emergency remedy for very dehydrated skin: quickly absorbed, it replenishes the skin’s hydration levels. The anti-aging and hydrating effects are enhanced when used in association with the crème or the fluid. As a result, the skin is softer and suppler. Its glow restored, it appears smoother and plumper. Imperata cylindrica, polysaccharides rich in fructose, aloe vera, sodium PCA, and vegetable glycerin provide instant and long-lasting hydration. Olive phytosqualane prevents skin from dehydration. Yeast extract, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and silicon restructure and redensify the skin. Vitamins E, C, A are anti-oxidants and regenerate skin. Essential oils of rose, chamomile and jasmine provide balancing and relaxing phyto-aromatic effects.