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Sensitive Saltwater Toothpaste

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Size 2.5 oz 75 ml

Sensitive teeth with exposed necks require special attention. They must be cleaned gently to avoid further abrasion but, at the same time, thoroughly enough for the teeth to remain healthy. This is because clean teeth, healthy gums and fortified mucous membranes are the best protection against plaque (bacterial film on the teeth) and the tartar and caries which may result from it. Dr. Hauschka Med Teeth Sensitive Saltwater Toothpaste cleans sensitive teeth with exposed necks gently yet thoroughly. When used regularly, removes plaque and helps to prevent tartar and caries. Gentle, natural, triple cleaning action. The cleansing properties of natural essential oils protect the mouth area. Witch hazel water fortifies the mucous membranes of the mouth. With natural saltwater from the Bad D├╝rrenberg spa. Contains no peppermint or menthol and is thus recommended by homeopaths.
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