4 Carat

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ReFa 4 Carat has the following features: The incident angle of each roller located at the front and back is adjusted to tone the skin more efficiently, enabling continuous kneading of the skin. Based on skin condition and part of the body, move it horizontally or vertically. The replicates of professional esthetic method tones and deeply tightens wide areas of skin that sags easily, while delivering a sense of pulling beauty out from within. Treatment using ""microcurrent"" that is popular at esthetic salons. Takes in light from the solar panel to generate a microcurrent. The 4 specially shaped, diamond-like rollers are positioned in precise relation to each other. One roll generates multiple pressure spots to occur twice to continually tone the skin. Water-proof specifications that clears the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) (IPX7 or equivalent), which can also be used in your bathtub. Coated in a brilliantly bright platinum, it is compatible for even delicate skin. Size: approximately 70mm ×168mm ×69mm Weight: approximately 205g Accessories: Instruction Manual, Guidebook, Pouch, Cleaning Cloth
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