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Filorga Time-Filler Mat Correction Wrinkle Cream [Pores + Shine] has the following features:
  • For Oily & Combination Skin anti-aging cream with gel-cream texture. Helps to diminish all types of wrinkles, pores and shine in one step.
  • Contains tripeptide to relax the features without freezing facial expressions, helps on contraction of wrinkles.
  • A powerful booster combined with encapsulated hyaluronic acid to plump deep wrinkles visibly.
  • Exfoliating gluconolactone combined with a peeling-effect active ingredient to smooth micro-cracks in the skin.
  • A water-retaining plant extract to reduce dehydration wrinkles.
  • Contains astringent active ingredient and Sebum-controlling zinc to control pores and shine.
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