Toothpaste Orange Blossom Bloom

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Size 4 oz 75 ml

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Marvis Toothpaste Orange Blossom Bloom has the following features:

  • The ultimate solution for removing stubborn stains from enamel and achieving a radiant smile! This powerful formula is specifically designed to restore the natural brightness of your teeth, helping you regain your confidence and showcase a captivating smile.
  • The advanced formulation goes beyond surface cleaning, targeting the deep stains that can tarnish your enamel.
  • The product not only delivers outstanding stain removal but also provides long-lasting protection against future discoloration.
  • Make every brushing session an invigorating experience as the refreshing orange blossom scent tantalizes your senses.

Brush teeth thoroughly after meals or at least twice a day (or use as directed by a dentist).